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Established since 2005 in Suzhou, ZZ Garments produces safety clothing & outdoor garments to overseas which covers the functions of waterproof, windproof, flame retardant, anti-static, anti-arc flash, UV protection, anti-bacteria, moisture wicking, etc.

ZZ has set up our own in-house laboratory since 2011, which equipped for testing on chromaticity, water penetration, spray rating, color fastness to washing/dry rubbing/web rubbing/ironing/perspiration. We carry on testing for each order to ensure the products meet ISO/DIN/ASTM/BS criteria.

ZZ supplies various of parka, jacket, coverall, softshell, t-shirt, polo, sweater, fleece etc., all of our products conform to EN/ANSI/AS/NZ standards.

We are not only producing and selling the clothing, but also serving to our clients and solving problems on need. As a responsible supplier, ZZ team is very happy to offer our practical & workable ideas to improve together!

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